William E. Nassour
Co-Founder and President

Eddy D. Field

Our History and Mission

In 1951 William E. Nassour and Eddy D. Field founded the Los Angeles Philanthropic Foundation to help exceptional students gain the benefits of a private college education regardless of their background or financial circumstance.

Nassour and Field concentrated their efforts on private institutions because they believed that the one-on-one mentoring and leadership training possible in a smaller college setting would be more empowering for these students, many of whom came from underserved communities, and were often the first in their families to earn a college degree.

For seven decades this has been the formula for success for thousands of LAPF scholarship recipients who have received more than $14 million from our Angeles Fund endowment.

Today, our mission continues as we support students who have a financial need, but have also demonstrated consistent academic achievement, personal initiative, and a heart for community service: qualities embodied in the American character and reflective of LAPF’s founding principles.